Portals to a connected world.

Digitrex 32", 40" and 46" High Definition LCD Panels are the portals to a connected world of information, entertainment, video, audio, music and digital images - to enjoy, to share with family and friends, wherever, whenever you desire. Stream Video, Audio and Pictures from any connected PC in the home - wirelessly or wired. Simple and seamless.


Your content, anywhere, anytime.

All your content, anywhere anytime is the promise of a connected world. Digitrex delivers Personal Media Players that bring your favorite video music and photographs wherever you go. Stunning picture quality and multiformat audio coupled with a variety of storage options make your world just a little more convenient and connected.


Entertainment on the go.

Digitrex Portable DVD Players start with a very high quality DVD player - then we wrap it in a stylish portable design, give it long battery life and make it full featured. You get great digital picture and sound whenever and wherever you want it.

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